A yard is great in the summertime. But you know what’s even better than a yard? When yards are transformed into outdoor living rooms! If you’ve got backyard goals this year and you have a comfy living space in mind where you can relax or have parties, here’s where to start and what you’ll need.

The Essentials

  • Firepit. The single most important element of outdoor living rooms is fire. Think about it: when you’re camping, all you need is a good campfire and a few logs to sit on and you’ve achieved a focal point and a place for everyone to gather. The firepit is your first step in your backyard’s journey from plain to extraordinary.
  • Sofa. After the fire element, you’ll need comfy places to sit. Since you’re going for a “living room” look and feel, skip the hard outdoor furniture and go for something with upholstered pillows. Matching a sofa with two chairs and bringing in some color-coordinated pillows makes it feel like a real room, not just a yard.
  • Some Shade. Unless you like the look of a moonscape, you’re going to want some trees around your space. If that’s not an option, you can install a shade canopy. Either way, you get respite from the rays of the sun plus the much-needed visual element of height.

The Nice-to-Haves

If you can, these are some options for upgrading your outdoor space that will give it that extra “something”.

  • Fireplace. The best upgrade is to choose an outdoor fireplace to serve as the anchor to your living space.
  • Pergola. If you have a roof over your sitting area, anyone sitting there will automatically feel a strong sense of “place”. It completes the feeling that you’re in a “room” rather than sitting on a sofa in the middle of your back yard!
  • Entertainment. A TV above the fireplace mantel will round out your space by bringing in 21st-century technology for hours of entertainment. Watch Netflix, view photos from your latest vacation, or stream music for your backyard BBQ party.

The Dream Options

  • Custom Seating. It’s fun to browse the aisles of Home Depot (or better yet, a Frontgate retail location!). But what really makes outdoor living rooms special is custom work. Seating is a good option since you get to design the look you really want. You also get seating that’s 100% suited to your particular tastes and your lifestyle. Teak, stone, or whatever you dream up (Pinterest was made for browsing ideas!) can be designed to coordinate with other elements of your outdoor living room, too.
  • Custom Wet Bar. If you plan on having a party or if you enjoy having a nightcap outdoors, a wet bar is the ultimate luxury. Place it just behind the seating for a convenient, yet dramatic, addition to the outdoor living experience. Combined with custom seating and a custom kitchen nearby, it completes what will undoubtedly become the most incredible back yard in the neighborhood.

We hope you’ve enjoyed planning your outdoor living room with us. If you’re ready to start with the essentials (or if you want to dive in to “the works” with a custom outdoor space), we’re here to assist. Call any time and we can start designing your outdoor retreat!

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