As summer is in full swing in North Carolina, Raleigh-Triangle homeowners are itching to get outside and bask in the warm temperatures and fresh air. Especially since the thick spring time pollen has dissipated.

To preserve this feeling of excitement, it’s important to have access to a comfortable outdoor space that invites relaxation as well as socializing with friends and family.

The good news is that by tackling a few maintenance tasks and investing in some new features, homeowners can create a custom outdoor living space that makes every day feel like a vacation.

Make Your Custom Backyard Patio & Hardscape the Best It Can Be this Summer

1. Get Rid of the Backyard Clutter

Just as cluttered areas are less inviting to guests inside your home, the same can be said for your outdoor space. By keeping lawn care tools, children’s toys and other outdoor items neatly stowed away, you maximize the use of your backyard and create more room for activities.

Tip: To make sure your storage spaces themselves don’t become cluttered, take stock of your current inventory and purge items that have gone unused through last season. It also helps to add shelves or racks in your shed or garage so that items can be easily located.

2. Take Action to Prevent & Protect Against Pesky Mosquitoes

From their buzzing sounds to the itchy bumps their bites can leave behind, mosquitoes are a nuisance to backyard comfort and safety. That’s why preventative action is key.

The action starts with your lawn care routine. Because mosquitoes favor the shade, mowing your lawn on a regular basis at the proper height helps minimize areas where these pests can camp out. You’ll also want to routinely clean out debris from your gutters where water can pool and create a breeding ground for mosquitoes to reproduce.

While these steps help to ward off mosquitoes, it’s important to remember these pests have creative strategies for making your backyard a home once they arrive. Consider investing in a natural mosquito control option to establish a protective barrier around your yard that keeps mosquitoes out.

3. All Outdoor Living Spaces Need Comfortable Seating

Of the indoor amenities you add to your outdoor space, one of the most important for backyard comfort is seating. Not only does it make the area look more inviting, but it also creates a more functional area for entertainment purposes. Guests can have a place to sit down and rest if their legs get tired or if they’re ready to eat, without having to step inside and away from the party.

Backyard seating can come in a variety of forms — from a sleek sectional sofa to wicker chairs. The best way to choose the right type of seating for your backyard is to consider how the space will be used, as well as how it ties in with the rest of the landscape and your home’s exterior. In any scenario, the ability of furniture to withstand harsh conditions and require minimal maintenance is paramount.

4. Kick Your Feet Up in a Nicely Created Shady Spot

The North Carolina summer sun is known to be brutal. And without any shade in your backyard to block out its rays, chances are you’ll be heading inside early to cool off. That’s why it’s important to establish shady areas in your backyard where you can get respite.

One of the easiest ways to achieve this is by investing in a patio umbrella. While an umbrella can provide shade over a small area like a patio dining table, there’s a case to be built for a permanent structure like a pergola. Pergolas provide shade for a larger portion of a backyard, while adding definition, privacy, garden space and inherent value to the outdoor space.

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