Ask a Custom Fireplace Installer in Cary How to Extend Shelf Life

A custom-designed, outdoor fireplace not only improves the market value of a home, it enables a homeowner to entertain guests outdoors all year ’round. A plethora of options exists for choosing style, color, texture, type of stone and more. In addition to design and installation, however, proper outdoor fireplace maintenance is a key factor toward getting the most out of a hardscape project investment. A local hardscaper can make recommendations regarding weather damage prevention and other maintenance issues.

Hardscaping in Cary NC is a popular homeowner trend. A temperate climate makes it a perfect location for outdoor entertaining. Preventing weather damage, however, should still be an integral part of outdoor fireplace maintenance. An experienced local hardscaper understands how damaging sunlight, rain or snow can be to an outdoor fireplace. Keeping four easy maintenance tips in mind can help extend the shelf life of a product designed for outdoor use.

Custom Fireplace Installers in Cary Know that Debris Leads to Damage

Debris includes built-up ashes, piles of leaves or trash. Consider weeds or grass growing up between bricks debris as well. Plant roots can crack natural stone over time. It’s always best to routinely use a broom or outdoor wet-dry vacuum to keep the open pit and surrounding areas cleared and clean.

Local Hardscapers Recommend Washing an Outdoor Fireplace Inside and Out

Homeowners need not worry about scrubbing an outdoor fireplace after every use. It’s a good idea, however, to use a soft brush and warm, soapy water to clean a fireplace inside and out, at least several times per year. Having a chimney and flu professionally cleaned is always best, especially for maximum fire safety.

Cover an Outdoor Fireplace When Not in Use

Using a protective covering on an outdoor fireplace is the easiest way to prevent weather damage. Make sure a fireplace has completely cooled before covering.

Avoid Dumping Water into a Fireplace

Many outdoor fireplace owners attempt to speed up cooling or quickly douse a fire by pouring water into the pit. It’s a bad idea because water causes temperature changes that can damage stones. Call today for more tips!

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