Does your yard to consist primarily of grass and dirt?

Sometimes all that’s there is plain openness, while other times things like playsets, planters, outdoor furniture or a single large tree have slightly enhanced the space.

Luckily, homeowners with outdoor spaces like these have a wide range of options when it comes to exterior home improvement project ideas, such as boosting curb appeal with an eye-catching walking path. A blank canvas as we say in the custom hardscape design industry. We love those!

Below, check out what our professional hardscape contractor in Raleigh has to say about the benefits of front yard walking paths:

Guides Visitors to Your Front Door

Whether the people coming up to your front door are invited guests or not, it’s always good for your home to look welcoming from the outside. That means more than just maintaining a clean exterior entryway and a presentable front door. You should also think about the walkway that leads up to your house: how safe is it for walking on, and how does it look? If your current path is dangerous or unattractive, consider replacing it with a beautiful new paver walkway.

Seek Differentiation from Your Neighbors

Adding a few plants here and some flowers there can beautify a front yard enough, but nicely designed walking paths can make the area safe for walking. If you think about it, a walking path not only makes for a great walking surface, but it adds aesthetic value, too. Do your research to complete this project yourself, or hire a professional for ideas and help with installation.

Creates Separation from the Grass & Dirt

Whether it’s continuous or split up into sections, a custom paver walkway does wonders for breaking up a plain-looking front yard. Believe it or not, your plain, untouched grass or dirt surface actually offers benefits for such a project. Since it’s mostly bare right now, all that grass and dirt offers the perfect blank canvas for you to create your ideal front yard walking path. Create a unique design out of walkway pavers, experiment with colors or install multiple paths to break up the boring look!

Enhances Your Garden Areas

Bring more attention to your green thumb efforts! A lot of homes have front yards lined with plants, such as rose bushes, flowering shrubs and ornamental grasses, or clustered container planting. Narrow walking paths built to surround such garden areas can do wonders. They enhance the visual appeal of your property while giving your plants a chance to shine.

Creates a Relaxing Spot

Although most homeowners install walking paths primarily to walk on, they can also be constructed to lead to other paved areas, like a small patio or fountain. Another idea is to weave short walkway paths in and around front yard garden areas. Along the path, install a sitting bench in a place with a nice view to create a relaxing front yard Zen spot.

No matter the time of year, the team at COVIS is ready to help you make your hardscape design dreams come true. Call us to learn more or to speak with a professional hardscape contractor in Raleigh today!

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