Nobody Wants a Soggy Fire Pit

Apex is known for its moderate climate, which is perfect for outdoor entertaining. Many backyards feature custom-built outdoor fire pits where family and friends gather to enjoy their favorite beverages, roast marshmallows or simply enjoy an evening under the open sky. Especially during September and October months, however, this area is prone to rainfall. Not only can heavy rain muddy a seating area, it can shorten the shelf life of a fire pit by causing rust or other damage.

An experienced Apex hardscaping contractor understands the importance of covering a fire pit when not in use. There are various types of covers, and a local hardscape designer can make recommendations for a cover that fits a specific client’s needs. For a fire pit to remain undamaged for as many years as possible, it’s helpful to implement a few easy steps to prevent rain damage.

Ask an Apex Firepit Builder about Drainage

Drainage is a key factor to take into account when a local hardscape designer is planning a custom-built project. Water entry prevention helps prevent rust and discoloration that can occur without proper drainage. Many burner pans include weep holes that are drilled into the bottom of the basin to prevent pools of water.

Always Cover a Fire Pit that is Not in Use

In addition to proper drainage to help prevent rain damage on a custom outdoor fire pit, keeping a pit covered when not in use is also helpful. This is especially true for fire pit models that do not contain weep holes. Fire pit covers are available in several styles, including vinyl and metal. Vinyl tarps should be pulled taught to avoid puddling on top when it rains. An Apex firepit builder can recommend a specific type of protective covering according to climate conditions in a particular area.

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