Is there anything better than a bonfire in summer? Gather the essentials: good people, a few marshmallows, some boxed wine, and you’ve distilled the very essence of summertime! With your very own fire pit in the back yard, that heavenly vision is yours all summer long, steps away. And for that matter, a fire pit can extend the outdoor season – so let the good times roll right on through October!

But if there’s one any downside at all to having a fire pit, it’s that lingering smoke that can upset the vibe and irritate everyone around the fires. The problem gets even worse on chillier nights when you want to move in close and soak up the warmth of the fire. And cooking? Forget about managing your grill or your cast iron pans on the flame. The smoke can get in your eyes and sometimes make it impossible to use your pit the way it was intended.

This isn’t a problem for every backyard host, however. All you need is a constant breeze that doesn’t change direction and smoke isn’t usually a problem. But lots of people aren’t that lucky. For anyone whose outdoor living area happens to situated in a place where it doesn’t catch much breeze, the smoke can take the fun out of your summertime gathering. Or if the evenings are typically calm and breezeless where you live, it’s the same problem: lingering smoke that hovers around your party like an unwelcome guest that just won’t go away.

That’s why, for some homeowners, we recommend smokeless fire pits.

What’s a Smoke Less Fire Pit?

Smokeless fire pits combine the magic of an open fire with the convenience of a modern appliance that helps you stay healthy, happy, and smoke-free*. The Zentro smokeless fire pit can be inserted into your existing fire ring or you can have a custom fire pit built around your smokeless device. A third option is to have a standalone smokeless firepit. These have the advantage of a smaller footprint and some can even be transported for vacations at the campground.

But how in the world can you have a fire without smoke? How do they work?

How do Smokeless Fire Pits Work?

Here are the essential elements that combine to make the Zentro inserts work:

  • Triple wall construction. This draws air down into the device and then pushes it back up through the vents.
  • Reburn Vents. Also known as “secondary combustion”, the reburn is how the magic of the smoke reduction takes place. The walls heat up, warming the air that’s inside them. The hot air rises and exits the pit at the same level as the smoke that’s created by the open flame. When that super-hot, pressurized air mixes with the smoke, it actually causes the smoke to reburn!

Secondary combustion has another benefit, other than smoke reduction. It provides an even heat that’s perfect for cooking. With all the accessories for the Zentro smokeless firepit that are available, your backyard cooking experience (in addition to your “summer vibe chill” experience) is about to get a whole lot better!

*Smoke Less firepits will smoke less but they are not entirely smoke-free. They do qualify as “smokeless”, since the dictionary defines the term as “having little or no smoke“. 

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