Stone & Paver Walkways

Outdoor Walkway Contractors in Clayton Are Surface Experts

A stone walkway can be the perfect addition to your home exterior when your goal is to beautify your property and boost curb appeal. Our outdoor walkway contractors in Clayton specialize in walkway design and installation, using quality materials that stand up well to weather, weight and time.

Use a stone walkway to accent a garden path, create an entrance to your patio or lead guests to your backyard pool. Add instant charm and character to your hardscape design with traditional styles such as brick or cobblestone. Create textures and patterns with a paver walkway for your yard.

Think Ahead When You Install a Paver Walkway for Your Yard

When you invest in a custom-designed, professionally installed paver walkway, you want to get the best return on your investment as possible, which means you want your walkway to last a long time. Any number of issues may cause damage to a paver stone, which is why it pays to purchase a few extra pavers from the start! If a stone gets chipped or damaged down the line, it’s easy to replace when you have extra pavers on hand!

Are you tired of looking at an old, worn path that leads to your door or surrounds your patio or garden? Walkways are like welcome signs and are essential components to the first impression a guest has who is visiting your home. Our craftsmen can make your home look spectacular with a custom paver walkway! Call today to schedule a project!

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