Custom Pool Decks

Stone Pool Deck Contractors in Clayton Are Expert Pool Toy Hiders

Do you find yourself constantly complaining about all the pool toys that are strewn across the yard after family and friends have enjoyed a swim? Are you pool supplies a real eyesore? Do you wish you had more space to sit and chat or lounge in the sun? Our stone pool deck contractors can help!

Our pool deck builders include an innovative team of designers and expert craftsmen who specialize in creating various styles of pool decks that are not only beautiful to look at but durable enough to stand up to heat, weather and lots of foot traffic.

Custom Pool Decks Are Trending in Clayton

You love your pool but certainly don’t want to spend all IN the pool. Our stone pool deck contractors in Clayton can transform the area around your pool into a beautiful oasis where you can enjoy your poolside time as much as your time in the water! Custom pool decks are popular home improvement items in our area because the climate is perfectly suited toward year-round outdoor living.

When you hire our pool deck builders, you get the expertise and skill set you need to create a beautiful wrap-around deck, a terraced deck or any style you like. We keep safety in mind by recommending building materials that produce a non-slip surface that is sturdy and affordable. Paver stones are a great option because they’re chlorine and salt-resistant, as well as durable and comfortable underfoot. Contac us today! We’re ready to help plan your pool deck project!

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