Custom Outdoor Kitchens

Clayton Outdoor Kitchen Contractors Are Entertainment Experts

We know just what it takes to create an outdoor entertainment area that you’ll friends and family will love. Why stay stuck inside standing over a hot stove when you can prepare, cook and serve a meal outdoors on a sunny day or under an evening moon? Our Clayton outdoor kitchen contractors will help you turn your patio into a festive dining oasis.

If you’ve been dreaming of custom outdoor kitchen, now’s the time to make it a reality! We specialize in patio kitchen installation and are ready to complete your project. We use high-quality, affordable materials and innovative design techniques that allow you to create a one-of-a-kind custom outdoor kitchen that fits your style and budget.

Things to Know About Patio Kitchen Installation

There are many available options when it comes to layout, style and special features for pation kitchen installation. You might prefer the simple, classic look of brick or natural stone. Then again, maybe your design preferences lead to a more modern, eclectic style. Our builders will create an outdoor cooking space according to your specifications.

You can include warming drawers, drop-in coolers or sleek countertops in your outdoor kitchen design. If you love being surrounded by your guests while you prepare a meal, we can make sure your outdoor kitchen includes a seating area. Safety is a top priority, and we can recommend the best location on your patio to reduce fire hazards. A custom-designed, well-built outdoor kitchen island will last for years! Let’s talk about your project today!

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