Custom Outdoor Fireplaces

Professional Outdoor Fireplace Builders in Clayton NC

Our custom outdoor fireplaces turn ordinary backyards into something special! Tell us your outdoor fireplace ideas, and we’ll make them happen! Can you picture yourself enjoying an evening by the fire with a special loved one or group of friends? You know those beautiful days where you hate to have to go inside to cook? With custom outdoor fireplaces, you don’t have to! You can cook right over the open fire while enjoying outdoor time with family and friends.

Our Clayton outdoor fireplace builders understand the importance of fire safety. We’ll help you make sure your fireplace adheres to local fire safety and building codes. We’ll orient your fireplace to align with wind patterns, and we’ll recommend the highest quality materials that are known to withstand high heat temperatures.

Outdoor Fireplace Ideas Include Many Design Options

Whether you love a traditional, basic look or want to go all out with a trendy, more modern and lavish style, our design and installation team will get the job done right! Nothing is cozier than relaxing by a fire with someone you love after a long day’s work. Open a bottle of wine or sharpen some sticks to roast marshmallows, and let the warm glow of the fire help you de-stress.

Stones gathered from nature often contain moisture. Under high heat, they can explode! This is one of many reasons it’s better to leave outdoor fireplace projects to the experts. Fireplace exterior materials come in many shapes, sizes, textures and colors. Call us today, and we’ll help start your next project!

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