Custom Outdoor Kitchens

Chapel Hill Outdoor Kitchen Contractors Transform Hardscape Designs

How many times have you hosted an outdoor gathering only to spend most of your time shuffling back and forth inside the house to check the stove or carry food trays to your guests? With a custom outdoor kitchen, you won’t have to step foot inside the house because everything you need to prepare and serve a meal will be at your fingertips!

A custom outdoor kitchen lets you mingle with your guests while you cook. The sights and sounds of meal preparation add a festive touch to any outdoor occasion. If you close your eyes and imagine, you can almost hear the steaks sizzle and smell the wafting aroma of your favorite BBQ sauce as you grill a rack of ribs to perfection while you chat with loved ones and enjoy the warm rays of a North Carolina sun.

Our Chapel Hill Outdoor Kitchen Contractors Are Experienced Craftsmen

We make patio kitchen installation look easy! From design to completion, our team will work closely with you to stay within your budget while making your outdoor living area dreams a reality. Whether you love the classic look of brick or the timeless beauty of natural stone, you can choose from a variety of options to combine colors, shapes, textures and styles that blend with your surroundings and embellish the look and feel of your backyard.

Our patio kitchen installation team will create a cooking space that lets you take outdoor entertaining to the next level! Contact us today!

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