Stone & Paver Walkways

Our Outdoor Walkway Contractors in Cary Can Solve Your Pathway Problems

How many times have you had to traipse through the lawn to get inside your house? Have you ruined shoes with dirt or grass stains, only to wish you had a stone walkway leading to your door?

A stone walkway is not only functional, it can add beauty and value to your home exterior, as well. Our outdoor walkway contractors in Cary get the job done right from the first stages of design throughout the installation process.

Dreaming of a Paver Walkway for Your Yard?

A paver walkway for your yard might be the perfect choice, especially if you like the classic look of bricks. It’s a popular option because it’s known for being low maintenance. If a single paver cracks, you can get it replaced. That’s a lot less hassle than having to replace a whole pathway!

Many Options to Choose From

Perhaps, you prefer the timeless look of natural stone. Each stone has a unique color, shape and design. COVIS builders have the knowledge, skill and experience needed to blend stones together to create a unique, art-worthy pathway to your door. Our craftsmanship is top notch, and we’ll not only install a pathway that is functional, but one that adds value to your home exterior, too. Our high quality materials stand the test of time, traffic and weather! If you’re ready to design and install a one-of-a-kind walkway that fits your budget and style, give COVIS a call today!

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