North Carolina’s Mild Winters Allow Custom Hardscape Contractors to Thrive

Hardscaping in Holly Springs is a booming industry that includes many types of home exterior projects. From walkways, driveways, retaining walls, custom paver patios, pool decks, firepits and more, our experienced contractors help homeowners make their property hardscape dreams a reality. The North Carolina climate enables outdoor entertaining all year ’round. However, there are several reasons why winter is the best time of year to complete your new hardscape designs.

Why Should You Do Hardscaping in Winter?

Most people consider winter a time of year that makes certain activities inconvenient and difficult, especially if one resides in an area that is prone to freezing rain or snowfall. Even in North Carolina, where the climate is milder during winter, temperatures often plummet to colder or freezing degrees. In NC, A paver patio builder understands why this time of year may be optimum for installing new hardscape projects.

A paver patio builder must take ground surface into account when installing a custom patio design. During winter, the ground is typically cold or frozen. This can act as a protective guard against possible plant and grass damage that heavy excavation machinery can cause. If damage to shrubs, grass or plants occurs, there’s more time for repair to take place so they will look good when springtime arrives.

Winter Construction Means Entertaining Can Begin in the Spring

While many homeowners enjoy using an outdoor fireplace or kitchen in winter months, when it comes to installing new hardscape designs, there’s less likely to be outdoor entertaining scheduled in colder weather. This means the yard is likelier to be empty, leaving plenty of room for construction equipment and time for workers to get the job done.

Obtaining Building Permits is Often Easier in Winter

Come springtime, lots of homeowners may be standing in line, so-to-speak, waiting to apply for building permits for backyard hardscape projects. Filing an application in winter might help expedite the process. Let your next “custom hardscaping near me” search lead you to us! Call today to talk about your winter project ideas!

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