Custom Pool Decks

Our Pool Deck Builders Are Ready to Make Your Vision a Reality!

You finally have the backyard pool you’ve always wanted. You can’t help but wish to have a custom pool deck to go with it. You’ve come to the right place because our custom pool deck builders can design and install a one-of-a-kind deck that not only adds aesthetic beauty to your backyard, it increases outdoor living space as well!

Our COVIS stone pool deck contractors in Apex use knowledge, skill and experience to help you choose from a variety of high-quality natural product materials that come in numerous textures, shades and geometric patterns to create a unique hardscape design that adds beauty and value to your home.

Why Call COVIS for Your Custom Pool Deck Needs?

When you connect with our stone pool deck contractors in Apex, you can be confident that our team can help you choose the best materials for the project you have in mind. We work within your budget to design and install a custom pool deck that fits your needs and outdoor living goals.

Custom pool decks should be designed with comfort and safety in mind. Whether you’re looking to update an existing structure or create a whole new flat space around your pool, we’ll help you find the most viable option that suits your preference without breaking the bank. Concerned about walking barefoot on a slippery surface or burning your feet in the heat of the noonday sun? We’ve got your back! Contact us today!

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